Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Fun

I pray you all had a wonderful Resurrection Day! Our Easter was nice. Here in Brazil they don't do a lot of the traditions we do in the U.S., so I always try to incorporate at least a little into our holidays here. This year Camden and I dyed Easter eggs.

I had to draw tractors on a lot of the eggs. Camden is still obsessed with everything farming, so we had Easter tractor eggs this year!

Easter Sunday was spent at Renato's parents house with all the family on his mom's side. We hid all the eggs we dyed around the yard and Camden had his 1st Easter Egg Hunt. It was so cute! He was having a great time and kept wanting to find more eggs.

Camden and his helpers, Gabriel and Bellinia.

And of course Dawson slept through most of Easter, but here are some updated photos of him. He's 5 weeks old! Can't wait to see how much he's grown at the Dr.'s tomorrow!

Look at those cheeks and double chin!! Love chubby babies!!


Mikaela said...

So Cute!!!!

My mom said she talked to my Grandparents last night and your parents were over there. I'm sure they had a lot to say about Camden and Dawson to everyone.

Stacey said...

Dawson is sooo cute!!! LOVE THE CHEEKS!!!

Boys at this age love tractors and then Camden has it in "blood" so I am guessing that his love for tractors is even stronger. :o)

Rachel said...

What beautiful eggs!! I sure wish we'd gotten a chance to dye some!

Sara said...

Absolutely beautiful boys!! Looks like Camden had a great time with the eggs...

Mikaela said...

Hey Missy,
Did you know my mom has a blog too??

I wasn't sure if she ever told you, so I did it for her :)