Monday, February 22, 2010


Oh my goodness. I am SOOOO incredibly glad I had enough sense to combine both Camden and Dawson's birthday's into ONE party. I was exhausted after it was all said and done, but it was super fun! As I've told others, since they're b-days are only 2 weeks apart, they're going to get "combined" party's until they are old enough to complain. (which I'm hoping is...ummm....NEVER!) I should be good for a couple years or so. :)

My parents were also able to come and visit the week before so that was great! The boys loved having Grandma and Papa around. (And they totally PACKED-OUT their van with stuff we had left in ND, so it was like Chirstmas all over again!)

Back to the party.....I didn't have any games or anything planned, knowing that the kids would be happy just playing. (And since most of the kids were boys, they did a lot of wrestling, screaming, and fighting over toys, but there was no blood least that I know of.) ;) Fun times people, fun times.

OF COURSE I had to make the cakes. (I still can't believe that decorating cakes is actually a stress-RELIEF to me....totally amazing.) Camden's was a Diego themed cake, although my colors were slightly more "Broncos" colored. Then I found a cute Teddy Bear cake for Dawson.

I totally know what you're thinking, and "YES, of course I'll make a cake for your next party!". No really, I would love to.... give me a call.

Of course we had to let Dawson eat his first taste of sugar and get messy. :) Although he didn't really like it very much and had more fun with his hands being sticky then with tasting the cake.

I think the coolest thing that we did was have Renato's family down in Brazil on video Skype to join in the celebration. We first sang Happy Birthday in English, then in Portuguese. And how cute is this.....Renato's mom invited the whole family over for cake so they could eat cake with us too. Isn't that just so sweet!?! :) I know that they really missed Camden that day for sure, since this was his first birthday that wasn't celebrated in Brazil.

And here's a picture with Grandma and Papa.

Camden wasn't so thrilled with the picture idea....ha!

For party favors, I bought plastic cups and wrote the kids' names on with puffy paint, then filled them with cheap, *ahem*, I mean FUN little trinkets.

And of course the gifts....oh the gifts. Let's just say that I'll be rationing the new toys a little at a time. The boys would go into complete "overload" with all the new stimulation. Ha! :)

It was such a great time and thank you to everyone who showed up in the yucky/icy weather to help us celebrate our boys! I can't believe they are 3 and 1!!! Thank you Lord for such healthy, loving, and amazing little boys. My life is so blessed!!!


Annjeri said...

Those cakes looked awesome. We totally need to schedule our play "cake" date. Tee hee.

Susan said...

Ahhhh! Happy Birthday boys: We will be seeing you soon!

Stacey said...

great looking cakes and the kids are getting so big!!!!

maggieinthemountains said...

Beautiful family, Michelle.

Carrie at dumptrucksandteacups said...

Michele, Your boys are so, so cute!! And you did an amazing job on those cakes.