Saturday, October 20, 2007

3 Months and Counting

In less than 3 months, my family and I will be in Brazil. Right now we have sold most of our possessions, and are living in a small apartment with a 6 month lease. All I can say is that God moves fast when you are willing to say "yes" to His calling. I must say, it was very exciting to buy our One-Way Tickets to Brazil! Our "go-date" is January 17Th.

I intend to use this blog to keep everyone updated and posted on our preparations for Brazil, then to keep connected once we are there. So stop by whenever you can, and I'll try to do my best at keeping this up to date. I'm excited to have found a great way to keep in touch. So stay tuned for future posts about my life in transition. :)


Anonymous said...

nice blog honey!!!

renato said...

Honey, this will be so fun to talk with all freinds any time. Good job.

Susan said...

Looks Great!!!!! So excited to keep in touch with you this way. You will have fun.