Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Brazilian Life???

So how does a farm girl from North Dakota end up living in Brazil?? I can only say, by God's will. As my friend Rachel says, "It's just not natural for you, a farm girl from ND, to marry a man from Brazil, then move there. It's just not natural." :)

It all started on a crispy fall day in October, when Renato and I met. Let's just say we both knew quickly that we were meant to be. :) Within a year we were married and had bought a house and were planning our life together ministering in the Springs. Well, God had other plans. We started our own ministry, traveling to other countries and ministering to local churches to teach and form relationships with those churches. Renato went to Brazil to minister and came back, knowing that God was moving. So we prayed a lot and knew it was God's time to move to Brazil.

We're headed out Jan. 17th. We'll be staying with Renato's parents until we find a place of our own. Our main goal is to travel within Brazil and get to know the local churches. We'll also be doing as much as we can to reach out to the city we're living in. And of course we'll be opening our home for lots of fellowship. Eventually we'd like to start a home church and see where God takes us from there.

So we've got lots of excitement and adventure ahead of us. Now we're just trying to figure out all the details in moving to another country. Do any of you have any idea how expensive it is to hire a moving company to move you to Brazil? Let me just say, it's not cheap. So we're trying to explore all our options.

Anyway, that's an update from where we are, 2 and 1/2 months from the big day. :)


Susan said...

Ohhhh, I remember that October night;)))))))

Janine Cave said...

I am thrilled for you both. I'd love to pray over you before you go.