Sunday, November 4, 2007

Go Air Force!!

The best way to spend a sunny fall afternoon is at an Air Force Football game. We are lucky here in the Springs, to have the Air Force Academy in our back yard, so that means lots of excitement in many different sports. My personal favorite is football. Just because there is no other college football game that you go to with F-16 fly-overs and people parachuting out of airplanes to land on the 50 yard line. It is just all around great entertainment. Renato had never been to an air force football game before and that is something everyone in the Springs should experience, especially since we're leaving the country and maybe won't have another chance to see one while we're living here.
When I first moved here, I guess you could say I was a little obsessed with Air Force Football. To a young single girl (who was a big football fan) from North Dakota, there was just nothing better then going to football game that had lots of men in uniform all around you. :) Just ask my friend Beth. We had lots of good times at those games. :) Anyway, now that I'm married, the football game, fly-overs, and parachuters were more then enough entertainment. And I was glad to share it with my husband. We had a great time, and the Air Force went on to beat Army 30-10. GO AIR FORCE!!!!