Monday, November 12, 2007

First Steps

Well, our little guy has decided that it's time for him to start walking. Let me just remind you that he is only 8 mo. old (almost 9 mo.). So needless to say, we're a little surprised. He's been "cruising" around the furniture for about 2 mo. now, so we knew it would only be a matter of time till he ventured on his own. He's only been able to take 2 steps at the most before falling, but hey, it still counts!! I'm a little scared because he's been into EVERYTHING for 2 months now, so I can't imagine how much more crazy it'll be. I was also hoping that he'd wait until we got to Brazil to walk, just because we're on an airplane for 10 hours or so. It's just a lot easier to contain a baby when they are not walking yet. So it could be an interesting trip. :) Anyway, check out Camden's website and some new pictures.

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Susan said...

Oh my goodness! Cannot wait to see it. He is a cutie. Josh is not walking yet, but can be he will when we fly in.