Monday, November 26, 2007

Christmas Cards, Christmas Cards, and more Christmas Cards

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! I'm sort of sad because this year we won't be able to decorate for Christmas. We'll only be in our apartment for about 3 more weeks, then we'll be in ND for 2 weeks, then back in C/S staying with friends until our departure date, Jan. 17th.

But, that doesn't mean I can't send christmas cards! Since we are raising our support for Brazil, we decided that our last letter would be sent in our x-mas card with a family photo. So that means that I have just a few cards to means I have over 200 cards to send!!!! And of course, I can't just send a card with our names signed, no way! I need to write in each one, because Words of Encouragement is my primary love language. (Read 5 Love Languages if you don't know what I'm talking about.) So..........I have been writing out over 200 christmas cards the past few days. YES, my hand is a little sore. :)

This got me to thinking..........are Christmas cards going out of style? Now there are so many ways to send greetings, E-cards, Emails, Family Letters, Photo cards, etc. The past few years, we've sent photo cards. And I personally love getting photos from friends and family. My fridge is covered and I love it! Anyway, what is your preferred greeting of choice? What are you sending out this year? Do you even bother to keep in touch? What do you like to receive the best? How do you display your cards/photos?


Terra said...

I still like getting some sort of letter or card for Christmas. This year we are sending out a photo card and an "update" letter. I love catching up on people who I only hear from once a year. We will send out close to 150 cards this year and we aren't even raising support!

Susan said...

We may do photo cards. We are also limiting and picking the top 20 people, no more! Boy is that hard because after family... doesn't leave much room.