Thursday, March 20, 2008

Belem, Brazil

After my parents left to go back to the U.S., 3 days later we traveled to the northern part of Brazil. Belem is a city that is close to the mouth of the Amazon river. Renato had traveled there a few times and has become close to a church family there. I was excited to go and meet everyone from the church, especially since there are some women there about my age, with small children, and they speak English. (I don't know any women here in Americana my age except my sister-in-law.)

We stayed for 2 weeks. Renato traveled into the Amazon for a week to visit some churches and learn more about a healthy food they have there and that is becoming more popular, called Acai.

I had lots of time to spend with the people there, with Renato being gone for a week. What's really interesting is that all the pastors and worship leaders from the church live together on a big piece of land. Each family has their own house, but they live very close to one another. They have a soccer field, a volly ball sand pit and all sorts of other buildings there as well.

We had a good time there in fellowship with the church. Renato was able to minister to the church and preach at 3 services during the weekend. I had some bad experiences with mosquitos (I'll write about that in another post), but it was really nice visiting with all the people there. Camden got to play with some other kids his age, so that was fun for him. He also had a lot of room to run around and lots of people to carry him around, so he loved it!

Here is Camden with some of the girls that loved to play with him and carry him around.

Saying good-bye to Daddy on the boat he traveled on into the Amazon.

Camden with his new friend Andrea and his little buddy Caleb.


Susan said...

Wow, it looks love green and lush. A very interesting way to live so close! I am glad you got to connect with some ladies there.

Stacey said...

Camden looks like he continues to grow every day. He looks like he really is enjoying all that attention from all of those girls. You guys sure are on a great God adventure. Love ya!