Friday, March 21, 2008

Surprise Package

The day we got home from Belem, there was a surprise package waiting for us from my good friend back home. The box was full of all kinds of thoughtful things. When I say thoughtful, I mean REALLY thoughtful! Here is a picture to reference what was inside.

There were a bunch of diapers in ziploc baggies. I had mentioned once to Rachel that the diapers here were really bad, so I'm so excited to have some really super absorbant ones. Even though Rachel doesn't know this, the ziploc baggies she put them in are a huge treat too, because here they are super expensive and only sold in packages of about 8 at a time. So, I'm re-using all the ones I have from when we moved, now I have a few new ones! Yay!

There were some packages of gum, which is always a fun treat!

There was a birthday present for Camden, new shirts and shorts, which he'll look very handsome in!

There was a huge bottle of Wrinkle Release spray, which I laughed my behind off when seeing it! An earlier post was about how I need to iron EVERYTHING here in Brazil, so Rachel was thoughtful enough to send some "magic" spray with. I can't wait to use it!! (My mother-in-law thought I was crazy when I showed it to her......she's from the old school----her way of ironing is always better! She even irons the underwear and socks!!!!)

Then I saved the best for last. The one that made me cry and cry and cry. Rachel knows my love-language is words of affirmation. So she wrote out a huge stack of encouraging notes for me. On the front of each is the date I'm supposed to open it and read it. This was totally inspired by God. I got to open the 1st two because the weeks were already past, and each one had a scripture and encouragement that went right along what I was going through those weeks. Needless to say, I cried my eyes out because I felt so loved and blessed. Renato just hugged me....I don't think he knew what to do with me crying over notes and wrinkle releaser! :)

Anyway, I was just so blessed by all of these thoughtful gifts, and will continue to be blessed each week as I read the notes. What a special friend Rachel is...........thank you my friend!


Susan said...

Rachel completey Rocks! That stinks about the diapers:((( I am so glad she is in your life:)

They iron their socks and underware too here! I was told that the water used to not be clean, they did it to kill germs. Nowdays with washing machines and soap, there is no need. But people do it anyway.

Stacey said...

What a blessing!!!