Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sweet Brazilians

OK, so this post is way late. This happened the week of my birthday, but life just seems to get in the way sometimes.

We've been tutoring English for a couple months now. I've really enjoyed it because I get to use my teaching skills and I've always loved teaching 1 on 1. I've also loved getting to know our students. They are great people and make teaching easy. (Of course I'm used to 6 year olds, so teaching adults is much easier!) Well, Friday is one of my favorite days to teach because we've got 2 good friends that come together. These girls are so much fun and we have a good time together.

The Friday after my birthday, it was well past 7pm so we thought that they weren't coming. A few minutes later our doorbell rang. They were late because they went to buy me a birthday present! It was a huge basket full of all kinds of goodies. I was just blown away! Now remember, I've only known these girls for less then 2 months. How sweet is that? One of them actually called me on my birthday to wish me a happy birthday as well, in English, so I was pretty impressed. :) These girls were just so thoughtful and sweet.

As a teacher, I've always taught in low income schools so I've never gotten many gifts. And the communities that I taught in just weren't very big into "thanking" the teachers. So to get a really nice gift after only 2 months of knowing someone, like I said, really blew me away. I was totally blessed!

Yum! Thank you Viviane and Barbara! You are soooo sweet!!


Stacey said...

You deserve it!!!

Carrie at dumptrucksandteacups said...

I've been thinking of you - how are you feeling? How's the pregnancy going?

Sending love and prayers,