Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tension in the House

***UPDATE: Team USA WON the GOLD in Women's Soccer!!!

Yes, there is currently tension in our house.....all because of the Olympics. :) Right now we're watching Brazil vs. USA for gold in women's soccer. Tomorrow it'll be Brazil vs. USA in women's volleyball. Since the Olympics have been on, it seems a little as if time is standing still. In the mornings we have a hard time pulling ourselves away from the TV. (Mornings are live for us here in Brazil.) And then again late at night is also live for us, so we've stayed up way too late a couple nights watching random competitions.

This morning we've been laughing about "tension" in our house. I think Renato feels a little more strongly about it then I do. I'd actually be happy for Brazil if they won, but of course I'm an American through and through and am cheering for the good ol' U S of A. (Although currently in the soccer game it seems as if Brazil is "outplaying" the US.) So GO USA! We'll see which great country brings home the gold. (And yes, both Brazil and the US are great countries!)


nagelland said...

Nothing like a little friendly competition to bring some spice to life! Love you guys!

Go USA!!

Stacey said...

BTW...How did the ultrasound go on Tuesday?