Friday, August 29, 2008

Surprise Pick for McCain

I usually stay away from politics and hardly ever get excited about anything that has to do with politics, but I must say, since I found out McCain's VP pick this morning I've been a bit excited.

It was definitely a surprise for everyone. We only get coverage over the internet and see snipets of interviews, and read articles, but it was funny to see the speculation around who McCain would pick. I must also admit that I was quite nervous about who he would pick. Usually the VP selected makes me nervous, or it makes me feel better about a candidate. Palin as McCain's VP makes me take a sigh of relief. I don't know much about her and will be doing a lot of investigating the next few weeks/months, I'm sure, but she seems to really bring balance to the McCain ticket, which was much needed. I'll definitely be giving my friend Sarah a call (she's from Alaska and her family still lives there), and I'll be asking her many questions about what she knows about Palin, and more importantly what her family thinks about her as Governor.

I just have a feeling that the Obama team is scrambling around like little confused rats, trying to figure it all out, and that kinda makes me giggle. (not that I think Obama or anyone on his team are rats, it was just a good "mind-movie") I also really respect McCain for the upcoming ad he's going to run tonight. I saw a preview of it on the internet congratulating Obama for his historic acceptance of the Dem. nomination. I thought it was nice to see him "taking the high road" and seeing the historic value of what is happening in the country. Very nicely done.

Again, my feelings could change over the next few months, but right now I feel McCain made a VERY smart move, and one that nobody seen coming. That's the best part of it all! So we'll see how it all turns out come November.


Susan said...

I was like Sarah Who?? when they announced the VP. I just did a lookup and she just had her 5th baby in April, born with Downs Syndrome. Interesting interesting...

Terra said...

I do think it's an interesting pick, though I'm skeptical on how she can be a mom to small children and be a politician in Washington too. Alaska and DC are two worlds apart. My gut says raise your kids, then run for office; but that's just me.