Monday, September 1, 2008

Pregnancy in Brazil-Part 2

Yay, second trimester here I am! Thank goodness I have noticed a small increase in energy, which is nice. I had my ultrasound a few weeks ago. Everything looks good. It's always such a blessing to see the baby and hear the heartbeat. It's so exciting! And I was pretty relieved to only see 1 baby. I don't know why, but this happened with Camden too. A few days before the ultrasound I start thinking about, "What if there are 2!?!?!?!" and it always kinda freaks me out a bit. I would love twins if I had them, but the thought is always just a little overwhelming.

The ultrasound was pretty normal and a lot like the U.S. The pictures we got were very bad though. Just copied on paper. We were able to get a DVD of it though, which was nice.

Today I had another appointment. From now on we'll only take early morning appointments because otherwise, we've waited in the waiting room over an hour each time. Today, we only waited about a 1/2 hour. Much better. The only thing I really don't like, is that I have to take off all my clothes and put on the lovely gown, just to hear the heartbeat. Yeah, nice. AND she couldn't find it. This machine she was using, I'm sure was VERY old. I'd never seen anything like it before. She tried for about 5 minutes and said she heard it for a second, but then lost it. She was pressing so hard it was even a little painful. But, she didn't seem worried about it, so I'm trusting God that everything is OK and praying that next time, the heartbeat is strong and easy to find!

One exciting point was actually getting my weight taken. I was pretty scared because, well, I've been "expanding" more quickly this pregnancy then last. So I had a feeling I'd gained a lot of weight. Well, what a surprise! Only about 400grams, which is roughly 1 lb. Which I was very happy about. :) (Yes, you know you're pregnant when you're excited about gaining a lb.)

Here's a little craziness from Brazil. My 1st appointment, my Dr. stated that I can't get my hair colored/highlighted until at least after the 1st trimester and then only with "special" coloring that my hairstylist will know about and use. I've heard a while ago, the U.S. did the same thing, but I highlighted my hair the whole way through last time. So, I humored my Dr. and didn't get any highlights until now....but you better believe, this week I plan on using my "box kit" that I brought from the U.S.

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