Monday, February 2, 2009

Our Little Fish

Camden has a great opportunity here in Brazil that not many people get. He's learning how to swim in his grandparent's pool. We realize this is a luxury, and believe me, we are thankful for it! Especially on really hot days, when being in the water is the only place to cool off. Last year when we arrived, he was kinda scared of the water (only being one) and didn't really like it. Well, this year during the summer season, we can't get him OUT of the water. Everyday he asks to go to the "pool". On warm days when we don't get to Vovo and Vova's house (Grandma and Grandpa in Portuguese), I just put some water in a bucket I have and let him play in that....which he seems happy about too.

In December he was still a little hesitant about the water. He'd choke a lot and wanted to be held the whole time in the water.....that only lasted about 2 days. Then, we found some "bubbles" or arm floaties, and he's been on his own since then. Everyday he spends at the pool, the more he learns about swimming. He totally swims all over the pool completely by himself with his bubbles on. He's learned how to swim on his back, and the craziest thing he's just learned this past week, is to jump into the pool....without anyone catching him!!! He totally goes straight down in the water and comes back up without choking. He's learned how to hold his breath while jumping and yesterday, I think he crawled out of the pool and jumped back in at least 100 times. It's so cute, he stands by the edge and counts in Portuguese, "Um, Dois, Tres" and then jumps. He usually doesn't say the "tres", but someone else does. We're trying to teach him how to duck his head under so it's more like diving, but I'm sure he'll learn soon enough. He certainly is brave. It's kinda scary that he's learned so much in just a matter of about 2 months. I'm thankful for it though, he'll never be scared of water!

I wish I knew how download video...we took a very short video of him yesterday jumping in the pool, but I'll have to figure that out another day. Enjoy the pics of our little fish!!

This is Camden's pose...when we tell him to pose for a picture, this is what he does.

Here is Camden and his cousin Gabriel, we call him "BL". They look like a good example of "coffee and milk", don't they? You'd never guess they were cousins!

Enjoying the water!

Here's just another pic of Camden "posing"...can you see his tan? I know it's kinda hard to tell cuz he still looks very white, but his little bottom sure is white compared to the rest of him! He'd be a perfect poster child for the sunblock adds. :)


Susan said...

That is so precious! JR is a little scared of the water. Plus it is cold here too. I am thinking about starting in swimming classes so he can have fun in the lakes this summer. That is great that Camden is a little fish! Look at that handsome big boy!

Mikaela said...

He's so cute! His little pose is adorable. It's really good that he is learning to swim and get comfortable with water at such a young age. It is so cold here. That warm Brazil weather sounds pretty nice right now :)

Talk to you later...
Much love,

Joy @ SAH Missionary said...

So cute. I think it is great to get kids used to the water at a young age. Did you know that my hubby grew up in Brazil? :)
Sadly, I think most of his Portugese is forgotten, but I don't think it would take him long to get it back.