Monday, May 10, 2010

Menu Plan for the week of May 10th

So when my husband got back from his Brazil trip, he got the stomach I still didn't do much cooking, and I definitely didn't make that turkey! Ha! So I'll save it a bit longer....maybe for when my in-laws come to visit. They don't get a whole lot of turkey down in Brazil. :)

Monday- Renato in Breckenridge, so leftovers for us

Tuesday- Grilled Chicken and Potatoes (women's night at church) & Grill extra chicken for Nacho chicken Casserole on Thursday

Wednesday- Chili (It's supposed to SNOW! Oy!)

Thursday- Nacho Chicken Casserole

Friday- Beef strips, Rice, Beans, Broccoli

Saturday- Pizza Loaf (Quick Cooking p. 192)

Sunday- Breakfast for Dinner


Shonda said...

The Nacho Chicken Casserole looks good. I just cooked some extra chicken for another meal and had too much so I think I can do this!

Shonda said...

Hi Michele- Just following up on your question on my sweet raisin bread. Yes, it is 1/2 c. coconut oil. It's healthier.