Saturday, May 15, 2010

Menu Plan for the week of May 17th

My goodness May is cruising along fast. By the middle of next week my in-laws will be here from Brazil. We're very excited to see them!!! Renato will be gone for a few days this week again, so we'll see how close I stick to the plan. But again, I'm SO GLAD to have a PLAN!!!! It saves my life everyday. :)

Monday- Glazed Salmon, Rice, Salad

Tuesday- Spaghetti ***Reminder to soak beans for recipe tomorrow!!***

Wednesday- Boston Baked Beans (I'm making these with the abundance of dry pinto beans I have, then I'll freeze for side dishes for Grilling Days), Hot Dogs

Thursday- Stroganoff

Friday- Grilling Steaks, Potatoes, and Baked Beans from Wednesday

Saturday- Penne with Chicken and Pesto (I'm going to add Spinach and pine nuts)

Sunday- French Toast Sandwiches (these look so yummy!)

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Shonda said...

Looks yummy! Thanks for entering my giveaways. Just a thought- Would you like to get a Family Fun Magazine subscription for 1 year for $5? I have to find a few friends to get that deal. I want to order on Friday. If that interests you, email me your address and you can pay me back whenever. Thanks, Shonda