Sunday, December 2, 2007

Bye-Bye Baby Furniture

If you've read the last post, you know we're getting rid of pretty much EVERYTHING! We're only keeping what we can fit into suitcases and maybe mailing a few boxes to Brazil. So, I've been letting go. One thing that was a little bit harder to let go of was Camden's baby furniture. I really wanted to take it, but I know that we'll find great stuff down in Brazil. Maybe it was the protective mommy in me, trying to keep something that would be familiar to Camden. But, as with many other things, I need to let his crib, changing table, dresser, and rocker go.

Can I just tell you I love Craigslist? We've sold 2 cars and now, the baby furniture on it. (Except the crib, that my friend Terra emailed me about just after I had posted to sell it on craigslist. Good timing Terra!) It's a great resource for any city. When we sold Renato's Jeep, we sold it within a couple of hours! Anyway, I just wanted to show you a few pics of Camden's furniture and room when we were in our house. I loved his room! It was hard to let go of that room, because we had just finished it in January and had to sell the house in July. At least we enjoyed it for a few months! These pics were taken about 2 weeks before Camden arrived.

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Susan said...

It was a great room! I laughed when I saw the donut in the rocking chair. Ohhhh it was a great thing wasn't it? Thank you so much for letting JR use the car seat and baby bed.