Thursday, December 6, 2007

Thankful Thursday

As we are drawing close to the end of our life here in Colorado Springs, I am able to reflect upon how thankful I am for my life here.

I am so incredibly thankful for our church, New Life Church. Our lives have been devoted to serving and being a part of the community of New Life, especially our "old SATURDAYNIGHT crowd". I have grown in God through this church like I never imagined or dreamed. I have met and married my husband and we have had our 1st baby all here at New Life. We have grown in leadership and in the calling that God has on our lives. Without New Life Church, I would be so lost.

I'm so grateful for everyone I've met here in Colorado Springs. I have such amazing friends here who are lifelong friends. I'm sure I'll still know and keep in touch with them when I'm 75. :) I've loved meeting people who share in our love and passion for people and ministry. God has orchestrated so many amazing people to come alongside us and be our friends. Of course a lot of people have moved on, but we know that God has brought them into our lives for a purpose.

The past 7 years here in the Springs, have transformed my life in absolutely amazing ways. I am so thankful for all of my experiences here, how I've grown, and for all of the people I have met.


Denise said...

Be blessed sweetie.

Laurel Wreath said...

Colorado is so pretty this time of year. Hope it is not getting to cold (says the one living in Florida and is very jealous, heheh).

Have a wonderful weekend. Enjoyed reading you TT this week.