Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmas Picture

Here is the Christmas picture we sent out this year. It was an interesting day trying to get the kids to cooperate. We took pictures at our friends, the Chu's house, and their little girl Naomi was being distracted by Camden, and Camden was being distracted by Naomi, so we had to separate them during pictures. :) The pics turned out fairly well though. As Melissa said, it only takes one. I was just really hoping and praying that Camden wouldn't think it would be fun to scratch his face up, or get a big black and blue mark on his face the day before pictures. This was probably the one time during his 9 months that he doesn't have a mark on his face.

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Susan said...

What a handsome family! We did photo cards too. Kids are a hoot, cannot wait to see Camden. We are in CO tomorrow. Cannot believe it.