Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Going Green

"Going Green" is definitely a popular movement throughout the U.S. It's starting here in Brazil as well, but what I've found, is that Brazil is just naturally a lot more "green" in the sense of taking care of this planet. They run a lot of their cars on alcohol, sugar-cane alcohol, and they've been doing it since the beginning of the 80's. The U.S. is making big gains in ethanol which is great.

Since I've been in Brazil I've definitely gone "Green"! First, doing laundry here is Green because they don't have dryers, so big points there. Also, they don't even have hot or cold settings on the washers because most all water here in Brazil is cold. Houses usually have reserviors on the top of their roofs to warm the water in the sun, and that's the water for showers. All the other water from the facets is cold. SO no wasting of hot water here.

Second, all stoves/ovens are gas. I don't know if this is "green", but it saves electricity. Also there are no dish washers to waste tons of water and electricity. I'M the dish washer!

Third, and this is the best ever, the house we rent has solar panels to heat our water. Let me just say a huge, "THANK YOU JESUS!!!" for this amazing blessing! After living without "hot" shower water for a couple of months, I will never again take for granted a hot shower. (Especially since a really steaming/scolding hot shower is close to heaven for me.) They do have electric shower heads here that make hot water, but they aren't the same, and not "green". Our solar panel also heats the kitchen sink water, so that means on cold days like today, I don't have freezing cold hands from doing the dishes. Again, "THANK YOU JESUS!!!"

Fourth, we have a "low flow" shower head to save the precious hot water. (And I need to mention, that if we have a couple cloudy hot water....but again, this is Brazil, and most days are sunny.)

Fifth, most of the veggies we eat are organic. Straight from grandpa's garden. I'm so thankful for our organic veggies because they are good for us, and of course even better.....they are FREE! :) Thank you grandpa!!

These are some of the ways we are "Going Green". What are some things you are doing or that work well for you? Please share!

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