Thursday, June 19, 2008

Good Times in the Good Ol' U.S.of A.

I wanted to post a few pictures of our trip to CO. It felt sooo good to be back on familiar soil, even for just a week. We loved being able to see friends and family during our short trip. Camden didn't have such a great trip. Since he is teething (which is a perpetual state latetly), he's more prone to pick up "bugs" along the way. We had to make a run to emergi-care with him and found out he had an ear infection. Poor little guy. He was pretty miserable most of his time in the U.S. Thank goodness for medication though, because it got him up and going again by the end of the trip.

It was a great trip, but coming back to Brazil this time around was a little difficult emotionally. I think it was because for a week, I was surrounded by the familiar....friends, surroundings, family, food, English....and it just reminded me of what I'm missing out on here in Brazil. Thankfully after a day or two, Brazil became my "normal" once again. I'm just so thankful for what I do have. I'm one blessed woman!

Grandma & Grandpa doting on Camden.

Some friends at our BBQ.

We're blessed to have such terrific friends!

Daddies enjoying their boys. Ethan is Camden's friend since the womb. :) The boys are 3 days apart.

The Fast's and the Cassula's.


Carrie at dumptrucksandteacups said...

What great pictures!! We were in Colorado Springs last weekend... such a beautiful area!

Glad you had a wonderful time.

Susan said...

Miss ColoSpgs too! Glad you had a good time. poor Camden! How did he do on the flight? We are flying with Josh in Oct to DC. He is not able to sleep in a bed like last time we flew. Did you stay at Sarah's house?

Stacey said...

It was good to see some pictures of the friends back in Colorado Springs. I miss them too! Monika and Anjerri are coming out in September for a visit. We are excited to get to see them!!! I am glad you guys are safe and sound back in Brazil. :o)