Friday, March 5, 2010

Frugal Lacing Activity

Here's an idea I just came up with. I've been doing some homeschool activities with Camden just to keep him a bit more occupied then he would be normally. A great activity for preschoolers is lacing. I had looked in some stores and price checked some different lacing cards/activities online, and knew that I wanted to get some for Camden. He LOVES putting things into small holes/spaces, so I knew he'd love lacing. Well, I figured out a very cheap way to make my own lacing cards.

I just took a cheap paper plate, and drew on a shape. This week we're doing the letter Aa, so we've been doing a lot of apple activities. I drew a big apple onto the plate and cut it out. Then used a hole punch to punch holes around the trim of the apple. I used some markers to trace around the outside too, just to make sure it looked like an apple. :) I had Camden 1st color the apple. Then I used some yarn for lacing. (Make sure you put some tape around one end to make it harder, like a needle, and easier for poking through the hole.) I just tied it and knotted it, then had Camden lace through the holes in order. I was right, he LOVED it!

So my plan is to come up with some sort of a shape to do each week that goes along with the letter we're learning. I'm also planning on maybe using card-stock to cut out big Letter shapes, then have him lace around the letters too.

The apple we'll just use once, but you could just undo the lacing and the kids could do it over and over again....until it eventually falls apart. :)

Another thing he loves to do, along the same concept, is to make cereal necklaces. I do the same thing with the yarn, making a hard "needle" from taping around it, and at the other end making a bunch of knots. Then I just dump out a bunch of Cherrios (or whatever has holes), and he goes to town lacing through them to make a cereal necklace. Right now I'm just focusing on the fine motor skills, but soon I'll have him make color patterns with the cereal on the necklace too. And a fun snack for later! :)

So there's just a few fun, frugal activities your preschooler with love....well, mine did anyway. :) Check out more Frugal Friday ideas HERE!


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Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

It's good to see mommies working on this stuff at home with their kiddos. I teach preschool and we do that kind of activity all the time. Great idea making them from paper plates!


Fabiola said...

Hi Michele... Nice to meet you.
I am originally from Curitiba, my husband is from SP. We've been living here for the past 2,5 years.
We've moved a lot in 9 years of marriage.

I will write a post soon about how I end up speaking English fluently ; )

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I can only say that you cook beans better than I do ; )

Happy Sunday!!!