Sunday, March 7, 2010

Menu Plan for week March 8th

This is a very simple menu plan this week, which is a good thing. :)

Monday- Fresh Burrito Bar with Rice and Refried Beans

Tuesday- Baked Chicken, Garlic Pasta, Broccoli

Wednesday- BBQ Ribs, Mashed Potatoes, Salad

Thursday- Spaghetti, Salad

Friday- I'm gone for a baby shower, so the boys get to eat that Frozen pasta dinner

Saturday- Tuna Melt Sandwiches, chips & salsa (never got to these last week)

Sunday- Breakfast for Dinner

As always, check out Organized Junkie for more menu plans!!!

OK, just stumbled upon this recipe and had to post it here. These look AMAZING....I may just go make these right now for an afternoon snack instead of breakfast. :)
French Breakfast Puffs.......mmmmmmmmm

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Peggy Fonseca said...

Michele, I loved hearing from you. Like you I am married to a Brazilian. I have lived in Brazil since 1983 (except for 2 years in the US and 5 years in Canada). I do speak Portuguese including in our home. My life and work here is all in Portuguese. Although I consider myself more Brazilian than American, I will always be "adjusting" to culture here, since I am not a native. I'd love to maintain contact with you. God bless!