Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mini Bisquit Pizza

So have you done the great promotion at King Soopers this past week and gottena BUNCH of nearly free Grands Bisquits? What do you do with all of those bisquits?????Maybe I'm the only one who hadn't thought of this before, but I'm glad I finally did! The other night I was going to make pizza dough from scratch but, to be honest, I was kinda lazy and really didn't want to. Then I remembered the 4 cans of Bisquits I just bought at King Soopers and thought I'd make Mini Personal Pizza's using the bisquits as a crust. So here's how I did it....

So these are the ingredients I used and had on hand for the pizza. I actually had to make my own tomato/pizza sauce from home canned tomatoes, and I LOVED it!!!

Here is a before and after pic of the bisquits. Just flatten out the bisquit from the can, with your fingers or a rolling pin. I just worked them around by holding them and that seemed to work well.

Spread on that pizza sauce!!

Add your cheese and fixin's. And a little tip from my Italian Mother-in-law, sprinkle a little Oregano on the top of your pizza for a little extra yum. :)

Put it in the oven and bake for how long the bisquit directions tell you to....and....ta da!!! Instant Mini Bisquit Pizza! Easy Peezy!!

I think Camden liked it. :) Renato really liked them too, although I would prefer the "real" stuff, this was a great quick and easy way to whip up some dinner.....and use up those bisquits!!!

This is my Works For Me Wednesday post!!!


Renee said...

Love it! Totally gonna try it! Thanks! :)

Annette James said...

My name is Annette James. Shelby Hill sent me your way beacuse I am moving to Brazil with my husbands job. I think we are all Baby Whisperer moms :)
I am so excited about my new Brazilain life ahead but I have so may questions (mostly about what to bring from home!)
Where did you live? Are you still there? I would love to pick your brain and get some advice from you especially since the wives I know do not have small children. I think I will have a completely different experience than tehm and differnt concerns KWIM?
I'm somehat of a blog rookie - I am not totally sure u can get to my blog from this so...
Thanks! Talk to you soon, I hope :)

Katie said...

That's a great idea!!

Jason and Danielle said...

that looks like such a fun yummy lunch. I bet my kiddos would love to do the toppings themselves. Thanks for the fun ideas! :>

Kite Koop said...

Those pizzas look I need to eat. Thanks a lot! ;)