Sunday, February 3, 2008

Brazilian Health Insurance

Coming from the U.S., I wasn't sure what to expect with health insurance in a different country. In the U.S., private health insurance is pretty expensive, with not a lot of coverage.

The other day, Renato and I went to check into health insurance here in Brazil. I was shocked at how easy and cheap it is. Praise God! They have different plans, but they are all good, with great coverage. We got a plan that covers all of us and since I'll probably be having a baby here again sometime, we wanted good insurance. Well, the plan we got has a $9 co-pay whenever you go to the Dr. (I'm used to paying $40 for my group insurance from the school district.) and we got a private hospital room rate so that when I do have another baby, I'll have a private room. I really didn't think I needed this, but I figured that after giving birth in another country, I probably wanted as much privacy as possible. And the difference was only about $20 per month, so I figured I'd go to the hospital in style. :) So the grand total for all 3 of us is $125 per month. And the REALLY exciting thing is, when I do get pregnant and have a baby, EVERYTHING is covered. We don't have ANY out of pocket charges! Did you hear that????? NOTHING! Praise God!

So far, I'm very impressed with Brazilian insurance. Now I guess the other test is finding car insurance and seeing how much that is. First, we need to find a car though. I'm trying to swallow the prices of cars here. The cars are 1/2 the size and twice the price as the U.S. Anyway, Praise God for good health insurance prices!


Terra said...

Good Health Insurance= Brazilians must not sue their doctors much! :)

Stacey said...

That is great that the health insurenace is so cheap. :o)

Susan said...

Oh wow! Sounds great. Our insurance is really good too. Not too sure how cheap it is but no out of pocket. But the teacher insurance in US is pitiful! so sad they short changed you guys so bad. By the way, I tagged you. Come over and see me!