Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Joy of Learning

Lately, Camden has been what I'd call a giant sponge of learning. Not only is he learning 2 languages at once, he's also learning sign language. What truly has amazed me the past 2 weeks, is that he's communicating in and understanding all three! Every day he's saying new words (trying to at least. Agua is water in Portuguese, and what Camden says is "Ga-gwa". So pretty close!) And he's learning to sign new words every day too. Teaching him 3 languages at once is really helping me learn Portuguese too. Every time I say a word to name something in English, I repeat it in Portuguese (if I know it), and then sign it as well (if I know it). I don't feel like such an idiot practicing my Portuguese on him either.

He is just such a blessing to us. Every day we laugh with him at the funny things he does, and are amazed at how smart he is (of course we think he's absolutely brilliant!) :)


Stacey said...

Children are such sponges, especially those first five years. That is great that he is able to learn three different languages. :o) I LOVE the way he says Agua. Such a cutie!

Susan said...

Go Camden! i have thought about the sign language. But where do you get it from?