Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"We're Coming To America"

Yes, the title is true. We're coming to America! Our prayers were answered about our immigration interview date. Here's a little update of what we've been through.

In February, we got an email from our friend and "Ministry Administrator", aka Brian, sending us a copy of a letter from Immigration in the U.S. (We have been through the immigration process since we've been married for Renato's Green Card.) The letter stated that we had an interview with them in Denver....THAT DAY WE GOT THE EMAIL. Obviously, we didn't make it to the meeting. :) Then we had to send in this letter and more hoop jumping to request another date, preferrable at least a month out so we could fly in from Brazil for the meeting. Praise God! Our interview in Denver is scheduled for May 30th.

The interview is very important. If we wouldn't have been able to make it, Renato would have lost all his status and how far we've come in the immigration process. And let me tell you, I DO NOT want to start over again. The green card process is VERY expensive, VERY time consuming, and VERY MUCH a pain in the rear-end! So again, THANK YOU LORD that this worked out well.

This time, we had time to actually get some airline tickets and will be able to make it to the meeting. We got the new letter yesterday and today we bought our tickets. We'll be in the Springs May 24th-June 2nd. We look forward to seeing all our friends while we're there. AND eat as much Mexican food as possible!!!! AND stock up on the things that I can't get in Brazil. I already started my list. :)

So if you're in the Springs the last week of May, we'd love to see you! I love that I get to say, "See you soon"!


Susan said...

So glad it worked out! Have a great time:)

dumptrucksandteacups said...

I can only imagine how excited you are! Have fun making your list of things to get. )

Stacey said...

YEAH for trips to the USA...wish we could see you guys!! (any chance you will have a layover in Florida...I know it is a slim chance but just thought I would ask...can't blame a person for trying) :o)

Michelle said...

That's so exciting that you'll be here, I hope that we'll have a chance to see you. Makenzie is getting so big, she's already 6 months old and has just started teething (not a fun experience).

Michelle Lamers said...

Here's a pic of Makenzie on my profile, thought you'd want to see a recent one of her.