Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Parenting a Toddler

What noone ever told me about parenting a toddler:

~Feeding Camden takes twice as long as before, so you need twice as much patience as he learns to feed himself. Extra patience when he is learning to feed himself with a fork.

~The exhaustion of running around after Camden every waking minute of the day. He NEVER stops running or exploring everything around him and within his reach.

~The pride I feel when he learns or conquers something new.

~That he would scream every time the phone rings because he wants to "talk". He LOVES to talk on the phone. :)

~The overwhelming feeling of love that washes over me when he says "Mama" and runs into my arms.

~That I would pray for wisdom for parenting skills every hour of the day. Especially when he's throwing a "toddler tantrum".

~The absolute joy of laughing with him every day. What a joy he is!!

~How blessed I feel every day that God has given me this amazingly fun, energetic, joyful, loving, and special little boy.

Thank you Lord!!


Stacey said...

And I get to have that times 6, every day at work. :o) (granted it isn't the same as if they were my own, but I do love them lots) The good definitely out ways the bad by a WHOLE lot doesn't it!!!!

Stacey said...

The picture of Camden just popped up, he is so cute!!!! Does he pace while he is on the phone?

nagelland said...

Hey guys! Wanted to say hi from Mexico. Thanks for all the comments on our blog, they're really encouraging! Everything you've noted about parenting is so true. Maybe that's why we keep having them! :)

Susan said...

Oh boy is he cute. It is melting when they say mama and run into your arms! Oh the tantrams!!!

dumptrucksandteacups said...

Very cute! I love the list...

Michelle in Mx said...

Isn't this true!
I've got a hyper drive 4 year old, a follow in her footsteps 2 year old and a 7 month old . . .
I'm pretty much certifiably crazy.
I'm constantly praying for grace and wisdom . . .over and over!
I've heard it said "Peace is when God rules" and that's what I am for at home . . .God's reign!