Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Teeth, Teeth, and more Teeth

I should have known it would be an interesting journey of teething, when Camden seemed to start teething at 3 months and not get his first tooth until 6 months. Since then, the teeth have been coming in steady! He now has 8 teeth completely in, 1 molar 1/2 in, and working on 4 others. Yikes! When he turned 1, he was sick for about 3 weeks straight with high fevers and ear infections and throat infections and rashes. He was pretty miserable. When we found a pediatrician here, she said he was getting in 4 molars at once, and because of that, his immune system was weak and that's why he was easily getting sick.

Praise God! Camden hasn't been sick for awhile now, just regular teething stuff happening with no major sickness. He sure is a little trooper!

The best part about getting more teeth for Camden, is getting to brush them. He LOVES brushing his teeth! Every time we walk in the bathroom, he points to the shelf and says, "Teeth, teeth!" Here is a cute picture of him walking around brushing his teeth.


Susan said...

That is so funny. Josh is getting 4 molars in at the same time right now too. We have had little problems with sickness, but this time he had an ear infection. He loves brushing his teeth too!

Mandy said...

Your son is so cute. I have an 8 and 1/2 month old and I am in teething hell right now. :) I think he's getting a molar in now. Poor thing. He loves brushing his teeth too...great habit to start early, huh? :)

Stacey said...

That picture is great! He is such a cutie!!! Teething is never fun. :o(