Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Beyond Frustrated

OK, I have to take a minute or two to vent a bit. I just spent the past 55 minutes ironing 3 sheets and 4 pillow cases. FIFY-FIVE MINUTES!!!!!!!!!! ARRRRGH!!!!

I had never even attempted to iron sheets before. Taken directly out of the dryer, they aren't too bad. REMINDER: NO DRYER IN BRAZIL! And since we've been living with Renato's parents, his mom has ironed all the sheets, basically because it's her home and she just does it. Well, I bought 2 sets of sheets a few weeks back in preparation for moving into our own house. I washed them yesterday. Today I was simply going to iron them. How hard could it be anyway? (How I laugh at this statement now, not a funny laugh, but a very frustrated one!)

I first did the pillow cases. Not bad at all. All the sheets were VERY wrinkled though, so even the pillow cases took awhile. Then I tried my first top sheet. A little difficult to not get it dragging all over the floor, but I threw it over my shoulder and continued to iron. I only did one side, already folded, so it still had wrinkles, but it folded into a nice little square. (Just like Renato's mom does it.)

Then came the dreaded fitted sheet. Oh. My. Gosh. Prior to attempting to iron it, I could never even fold one. Every time I tried really hard to fold it nicely, it still seemed to end up in a ball of chaos. Well, lets just say it had me VERY close to using some not so "nice" words. I have no idea how I even did it. It looks awful, but I at least got it into sort of a square when folding it. Argh!

Have you ever tried ironing sheets...........or for that matter a fitted sheet? Well, if you want to become frustrated beyond belief, just try it. I think that the fitted sheet will soon become the item of laundry that will get the "wrinkle releaser" sprayed upon it. (A gift from my friend from CO.)

I feel much better now. I really needed to get that off my chest. Now I can go about my day without thinking about ironing any more sheets. Until next week, anyway. I think I'll go Google, "How to iron a fitted sheet" and watch some demonstrations. Hopefully next time it won't be so frustrating.


Stacey said...

You could also ask your mother-in-law how she does it or watch her. A "live" demostration. I can only IMAGINE hou frusterated you must be. Wrinkle release spray sounds like a great solution to me. I can't stand to iron a shirt, so I can only imagine what ironning a fitted sheet would have done to me. I probably would have given up and decided who really is going to see these sheets...and threw them on my bed wrinkles and all. :o)

Carrie at dumptrucksandteacups said...

Wow - ironing a sheet - I can only imagine how challenging that would be. :) Good for you.

Have you started a count down until you come back to Colorado? I'm sure you're excited!