Thursday, May 1, 2008


Today is another National Brazilian Holiday. Some things I've learned since living here in Brazil, are that Brazilians love to have parties, and lots of holidays. Today just happens to be Brazil's Labor Day. Lucky them, it lands on a Thursday, so they get 4 days of vacation. It seems like every other week they have another holiday. The whole country shuts down for the holiday. No stores are open, so make sure you have your groceries for the day!

The school kids are pretty lucky with all the holidays. The school year is different here. The seasons are opposite, so the new school year starts in February and goes through the beginning of December, with a winter break in July. (I know, it was so weird for me to write that July is in the winter here!) They also just go to school either in the morning or afternoon. So their school day is about 5 hours long. Nice. I kinda wish I could teach public school here, but I "retired" last year. :) (with no benefits!)

Anyway, the holiday today is no different for me because I don't work an "outside" job. The only difference for me, is that I can't go shopping today to look for house furnishings. There is always tomorrow!

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Stacey said...

That is weird to say that winter break is in July. That is a great school day...sometimes I wonder why the school days are so long here...probably so that parents don't have to find daycare while they work. ;o) Take you guys!!