Saturday, May 17, 2008

Pictures of our House

I've finally gotten time to take some pictures of the house we're renting. It is SUCH a blessing! Also, I mentioned before about furnishing the home, and how we didn't have anything. Well, thanks to Renato's parents wanting to buy new things for their house, we received many items we needed from them. This was a HUGE blessing!

I'll start with the kitchen. This is a picture of our kitchen entrance, the stove, and sink. If the stove looks small, that's because it is. It's so small a medium sized pizza touches on the sides of the oven. No turkey roasting in this one! Brazil does have larger stoves, but we went for cheaper, not bigger.

In Brazil everyone needs to buy their drinking water, so we had to buy the water dispenser, which is more expensive then I thought it would be. We also had to buy a microwave, which are about 4x's more expensive then the U.S. Ouch!

Here are 2 huge blessings! The kitchen has cupboards and shelving, which in Brazil, you usually have to buy. Yay! Also, we got the fridge from Renato's parents. Yay again!

More storage and cupboards. Praise God!

Ok, I'm just going to do the kitchen for now. My computer is acting funny. But you at least got a glimpe of part of the house. Yes, it's all tile, which has good points and bad points. (bad=VERY cold floors, good=easy to clean)

Stay tuned because there will be more pictures and blessings to come!


Susan said...

Wow, just like Europe! You are totally lucky when you have shelves or cabinents there. We have tiled floors or laminate all over our home too.

I am so glad you are in your new home. I am surprised that it is so expensive there. How do the poor people live?

Stacey said...

I love the kitchen. I had heard from Val that in Germany people actually move there cabinets with the rest of the furniture, which is why a lot of homes come without them. Is it the same way in Brazil?