Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Look Who's Climbing!

Dawson is 10 Months Old!!! (OK, on the 6th he's 10 Mo. Old, but close enough!) This weekend we caught him climbing up the stairs, and yesterday he pulled himself up in his pack-n-play. He still doesn't "technically" crawl for long periods of time, but he can move like the dickens scooting on his tummy! Who needs to clean your floors when you've got a little "mop" scooting all over them all day long! Ha! Here is what Dawson is up to lately:

~ He says "DaDa" constantly, but only cries "Ma" when he's upset and needs me. :)
~ He still has 6 teeth, but I know he's working on more...always drooling!
~ He doesn't eat much finger food yet, still too gaggy, but he's starting.
~ The only finger food he likes is bread and bananas.
~ He can sign the word "More". SO CUTE!
~ He does "So BIG" or "GOAL" with his arms up high.
~ He loves to clap and dance.
~ He likes to watch his Baby Signing Time video and Praise Baby.
~ He loves to wrestle with daddy and Camden, and chases Camden around the house!
~ Last Sunday was the 1st Sunday he didn't cry in child care at church! Yay!! (Bless those girls' hearts in child care!)

Dawson is such a fun little guy! He loves the idea of other people and will smile and reach for them, but when they take him he usually ends up crying. We're working on it! :)

It's been so nice to have a "baby" for a little longer this time around. I should say, a "not mobile baby". :) Camden was just SO FAST at doing everything. (At 7 mo. he was walking around all the furniture and into EVERYTHING!) So it's nice that Dawson is just starting that now. Makes Mama happy! :)

And this smile just absolutely melts my heart!!!


Cereal In My Stiletto said...

walking around at 7 months?! Yikes! Yes I would be welcoming the 'break' of a not-so-mobile baby, too! :) He's so cute!

Carrie at dumptrucksandteacups said...

He's getting so big Michele!! Loved seeing all the pictures. :)